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How Do Football Pads Work?


Football players need protective gear to keep themselves safe. Shoulder pads protect the ribs, chest and shoulders while thigh and knee pads keep the thighs protected. Back plates protect the ribs, while compression long sleeve shirts add warmth. There are also many other types of protective gear and to leran more form Strobe Sport content.

Shoulder pads protect the shoulders, chest, and ribs

A shoulder pad is a protective piece of foot ball training equipment that goes around a football player's shoulders, chest, and ribs. A good one is made of flexible foam that fits tightly to the wearer's ribs and arms. This type of padding does not restrict the use of the arms, but does offer minimal protection.

A typical shoulder pad covers the shoulders and ribs, and is fitted with straps to help prevent movement. Ideally, a shoulder pad is fitted by measuring the back of the shoulders from one shoulder blade to the other. Some shoulder pads have a strap that fastens around the neck for additional security.

Many shoulder pads are made of synthetic fibers. These fibres help to keep them cooler and reduce the amount of sweating that athletes produce. Moreover, these pads provide better ventilation, which reduces the risk of overheating.

Thigh and knee pads protect the thighs

NFL players are now required to wear thigh and knee pads during games. While many players are upset about the new rule, the NFL says that it is necessary to protect the thighs. Nevertheless, some players remain uncertain. For example, Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden said that he does not think it's necessary to wear thigh pads.

Thigh and knee pads come in different shapes and sizes, but all have the purpose of protecting the thighs from injury. They are also made of different materials. Many are made from plastic or foam, and some are breathable and lightweight. Depending on your needs, you can purchase slip-on, snap-on, or elasticized versions.

Back plate protects the ribs

Rib protectors protect the ribs and lower back area from impact. They are generally made of hard shell or flexible high-density foam. Flac jackets are also available, which are worn under shoulder pads and are made of moisture-wicking fabric. Flac jackets are designed to keep players cool and comfortable, and some are designed with additional shoulder padding. Rib protectors can be bought separately or mounted to shoulder pads. There are a variety of brands on football training equipment that make them.

Back plates are especially beneficial for players who are vulnerable to hard hits from the side or from behind. However, these pads are not appropriate for all players, and are usually worn by players in skill positions. Players in these positions are at a greater risk of getting hit in the back, and rib pads protect them better than traditional shoulder pads.

Compression long sleeve shirts give added warmth

Compression long sleeve Shirts are an excellent way to add extra warmth while wearing football pads. They are made of materials like elastane and nylon, which stretch easily. A quality compression shirt should be able to stretch four or five times. Some higher-end models have special paneling to allow greater range of motion. The higher the elastan-lycra-spandex content, the slimmer and more form-fitting the shirt will be.

Compression shirts are also useful for keeping the body cool during intense exercise or intense play. Being overheated can reduce a player's performance and success. Compression shirts also help muscles heal after exercise by increasing the blood flow to sore muscles. They also help prevent muscle fatigue and improve flexibility. Padded shirts are useful under shoulder pads because they offer extra protection to the shoulder area and ribs.

Pre-tape spray gives added grip to catch the football

The application of a pre-tape spray on your hands can help you catch the football with more grip during football training or match. Many offensive linemen try to grab anything in sight when blocking. Whether it's a bathrobe or a skin-tight compression shirt, they'll latch onto it. But pre-tape spray, also called pre-wrap, is the modern day equivalent of stickum.

Though the NFL has banned the use of stickum, some football players still use pre-tape spray to increase the longevity of the tape job. Compared to stickum, pre-tape spray is not nearly as strong, but it's effective and it doesn't show up as easily. And while most football levels still have strict rules against using foreign substances, it isn't as controversial as stickum and is safe to use.